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Devi Darshan

Durga Puja in Kolkata

DeviDarshan.net / DeviDarshan.co.in is the digital archive and comprehensive documentation, mainly, of the Kolkata Durga Pujo. Other fests are gradually being incorporated.

Representative glimpse of Pics are given in 600 x 450 pixels – 8 x 6 inches. Original Pics are available, on request, in wider range and with around 2000 x 1500 pixels – 30 x 20 inches.


The Festival – Kolkata Durga Pujo

The excitement & fervour of the most delightful festival in Bengal, India and 2nd largest community festival in the world after Rio-fest – the Kolkata Durga Pujo brings with it a great cultural grandeur, the human side of our cosmopolitan locale and of course the spontaneous enjoyment.


The freely flowing happiness is also felt in the nature, in the mood, in the times breaking easily the divisions of caste & creed, rich & poor, young & old, male & female. The Fest is of late seen with a great touch of innovation & experiment. The pandal varieties crafted by workmen – named & unskilled together, the art-décor pieces created by artists – famed & unknown alike, the lighting style made fitting to the décor, the Pratima in the indigenously traditional to richly graphic ranges and of course the faces of the Maa in her many moods, aspects and dimensions – set the unique tune of gorgeousness to the festival.


At Kolkata, the Festival has transcended much beyond its religious connotation and has become the most enjoyable social event to make it very much a festival by the people, of the people and for the people. So we endeavour to promote this community involvement to the people at large through Internet, Videodisk & Souvenirs. Gradually other celebrations – be it with a religious connotation or having a cultural bent – are  also being referred.


DeviDarshan Foundation initiative (started Since 2002) –

  • DeviDarshan is primarily a comprehensive digital archival effort for the exquisite craftsmanship that essentially associates Kolkata Durga Pujo
  • DeviDarshan is an initiative to capture the joyous feel, this artistic exclusivity, this humane city.
  • DeviDarshan is an opportunity of participating in the festive moments from the comfort of our homes & convenience of our time.
  • DeviDarshan is an implementation of the most comprehensive documentation on this gorgeous & delightful festival.
  • DeviDarshan is a reminder & renewal of our rich cultures, especially to the next generation.
  • DeviDarshan is a medium for admiring stunning crafts beyond Pujo.
  • DeviDarshan is an effort to hold back the cheerful tunes, moods & themes long after the festival is over.
  • DeviDarshan is an endeavour to permanently preserve this splendid & sincere work and present the artistic grandeur to the world in several digital media – VideoDisk, Digital Imagery and Internet to be cherished and appreciated much beyond the celebration time.


The People behind

The programmes of preserving & packaging these great work of art was conceptualised, initiated and continued at the behest of Siddharta Gangopadhyay – the producer of the DeviDarshan project. A team of aesthetic and technical AV directors, musicians of repute, experienced camera persons, audio & video editing personnel, graphic designers and printers work in tandem for variety of implementations under the project. A professional Web-Development team makes it ready for the world to get the information and take the benefits.

Also DeviDarshan is fortunate to have been associated with the Cultural, Literary, Social and Business elites of Kolkata. Their encouragement, involvement and participation have made it what it is over a period of time.


Association with DeviDarshan

Corporate Association with DeviDarshan through its worked out items

  • Carries prestige with the brand & goodwill promotion by the class of work & social level targeted,
  • Provides value much beyond Pujo as the interest & utility lingers much longer,
  • Is positioned as a high market promotion advantage that is obvious in the seasonal times.

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