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Pic Book

DeviDarshan PicBook

Grandeur and gorgeousness of creative artwork has made the Kolkata Durga Pujo a unique celebration. The varieties in the Crafty-Artwork, the Pratima, the Décor, the Lighting styles are the items to be cherished and appreciated much beyond the celebration time.

We in DeviDarshan try to capture this magnificence for a permanent preservation and wider distribution. As a part of this effort we are happy to present DeviDarshan PicBook from the exclusive collection of Paintings using camera and digital imagery on the theme

Beautified Grace & Glory of the Maa

In this PicBook, we are happy to present a comprehensive assortment of this work-of-art in technology based experimentation to heighten the impact of photography and in an innovation with a new media – digital imagery – as if painting with watercolour, pastels, pen & ink and the like

It is an effort to hold back the predominant moods & themes of the festival that move us, touch us, at times astonish us or even intrigue us. It is an endeavour to stimulate & carry the imagination farther.

Please contact us regarding the DeviDarshan Pic Book.


DeviDarshan Souvenirs

Select items from the DeviDarshan digital imagery collection is curated for an exceptional set of Desk-Date Calendar, Greeting Cards, PostCards and BookMarks.

These are made to be cherished as an exclusive festival souvenir from Kolkata and may be used as a fitting gift during this festive season.

A glimpse from the DeviDarshan Souvenir collection set –