Enjoy, appreciate & work with the Kolkata Durga Puja, at your convenience, with DeviDarshan digital documentary archive

Durga Pujo Images Archive

DeviDarshan Digital Imagery collection

As a part of an enthusiastic initiative & sincere effort, we have collected and curated a comprehensive set of Pictures (more than 5000 digi-Images) exclusively taken from the Kolkata Durga Pujo since 2003 and are especially hand-crafted using Camera and Digital Imagery.

The Collection is organised in several sections as follows:

DeviDarshan Artistry collection is digital imagery on Kolkata Pujo Artistry, specially crafted using camera with graphical interfaces to create a unique set of enlightening spectacle.

A glimpse from the DeviDarshan Artistry collection set –

DeviDarshan Decor collection is the documentation of the prolific and vibrant hues from the art & craft installation gallery, which the whole city of Kolkata becomes, during the festival.

The craft works are mainly done by native artisans of Bengal and other parts of India, with expertise in wood work, metal work, earthen work, pith (shola) work, fibre glass work, textile paints, glass paints and the like, under guidance of Art Professionals.

DeviDarshan Pratima collection is a showcase of the Durga Pratima (idol for worshipping) created by Bengal artisans specialised in idol making in sculpturesque pose with designer grace of widest range.

Main materials used are normally clay of some characteristic quality, along with wood, metal, pith, fibre glass etc.

DeviDarshan Maa in Arts collection is an exclusive set of Devi Imagery created using camera with graphical interfaces to add aesthetic rhythm to the festival.

DeviDarshan Faces of the Maa collection is an exhibition of Devi Faces by sculpture experts created to depict her wide ranging moods, aspects and dimensions.

DeviDarshan Pandal collection is the documentation of structural exactitudes of the edifices housing the Pratima (idol) erected in thousands in and around the city during the festival.

These temporary edifices architecturally and structurally stand on solid stability to withstand the flow of thousands of visitors. The main materials used are bamboo, wood strips, plywood, cloth, ropes etc.

DeviDarshan Lighting Styles collection is a re-presentation of light & shade artwork installations and animated lightings as a part of luminescent décor that adorn the localities during the festival.

DeviDarshan Expressions & Activities collection is the pictorial presentation of the involvement of the people irrespective of caste, age, sex, religion, enjoyment by the people in frolicsome mood and freedom on time for the people to spend in their own sweet way.